Electronic Medical Record Systems Interoperability and a Secure Clinical Archive

Interoperability and a Secure Clinical Archive serve some of the same purposes. Perhaps you have noticed the claims made about interoperability. They’ve been around a while. On the other hand-promised results have not been forthcoming, and still are not demonstrable.

We have Clinical Archive available now.

Interoperability we don’t have. Discussions continue on Interoperability, promises are repeated and new strategies are announced. Nevertheless, you can get your critical patient data moved into an ARCHIVE now.

In one example of which I am aware, data cannot be shared in a most unusual circumstance. Two identical systems were installed by the same vendor in two sister institutions. They shared many patients and providers. Yet the systems could not be made to consistently and accurately share data.

We need and want to share data between and among all electronic medical record systems. A great deal of effort and money is being poured into achieving this milestone. We probably will accomplish it in time. For now we wait.

Nevertheless, waiting to catch the “bird in the bush” while you have one ready at hand, seems a bit wrong-headed. Working toward that “bird in the bush” is a good strategy. We certainly need it. Waiting for it to solve today’s problems, is not so good.

Effective, substantially complete Interoperability will not become a reality any time soon.

Archiving patient data can easily be done now, whether or not you work toward interoperability. Once your ARCHIVE is in place, you will have more time to work on other solutions.

Rest assured, the need for a Patient Data Archive will not go away. Interoperability and other factors will combine to increase its importance. The urgency to have it in place will steadily grow.

There is really no need to wait. Do it now.

In comparing these two solutions, one crossover point is that of referring patient information to another provider. With an archive in place the patient’s medical record can be securely delivered via a PDF. The delivery can be in a choice of several electronic formats.

Other benefits will come from implementing a Clinical Archive:
– Be prepared for an Audit (by the HIPAA folks). The Archive will present all patient data EXACTLY as you entered it.

– Comply with any Legal Request for patient medical records.

– Comply with Government Mandated Retention NOW.

– Accommodate Patient Requests easily, in print or electronic form.

theClinicalArchive (tCA) by TCI is:
– Inexpensive – Highest quality at a reasonable cost.

– Simple to Use – Designed with simplicity in mind.

– Secure – Patient data is safe and secure.

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